Pick A Town.
Take Some Pics.
Make $50.

It’s an easy and fun way to make a quick $50.
All you need is a smartphone. No experience needed.

I've got 50 bucks for you.

You have access to small towns that I don’t. I need pictures of those small towns. If you can help me, I’ve got a quick $50 for you!

All you need is your smartphone. You don’t need any experience either! Just follow the simple guidelines below. 

Play Video

30-second intro video.

Play Video

2-minute overview video of taking pictures and videos.

Steps and Guidelines

  • Pick a small town. Let me know which town(s) you’re interested in. I will make sure they qualify for a small-town website.
  • Once approved, take 30+ photos of various locations including downtown, Main Street, local attractions, points of interest, etc. Anything that makes the town awesome and unique!
  • Avoid seasonal pictures like Christmas. Winter pictures in general are less optimal. We like trees with leaves 😉 
  • Pictures of people are great … but avoid their faces.
  • Take 6-8 short videos (about 4 seconds each) of downtown, Main Street, etc. Keep your movement to a minimum (slow pans for example).
  • Fill out the short form below.
  • Submit the pictures and videos to the Dropbox folder (watch for an invite via email).
  • Get paid! Ka-ching!3

Photography Forms

01. Pick a Small Town

Submit the name of the town(s) you'd like to photograph. I'll make sure they quality for a tourism website and get back to you.

02. Fill out the Form

Once I've gotten back to you and approved the small town, fill out the simple form below to get started.

Terms and Conditions:

  • I acknowledge that after I submit the photos they will become the property of Touch Point Designs to be used for website design and social media purposes.
  • I will submit at least 30 pictures for each small town approved with the majority of the pictures being taken horizontally (landscape) and a few vertical (portrait).
  • I will submit at least 6 short video clips of the town with the phone held horizontally (landscape).

File Upload:

Watch for an email from me (cody @ smalltowntravelsites.com) with a link to where you can upload the images. 

Interested In Another $50?

Help find a sponsor for a town’s tourism-focused website and I’ll float another $50 your way!

Send a business to www.smalltowntravelsites.com to learn more. Have them mention your name when they sign the contract to get another slick $50 in your pocket.

Every great website starts with a conversation

You can also reach me by phone or email. You’ll need to leave a voicemail but I promise to get back to you REALLY soon. (406) 369-5884 or send an email to: cody@smalltowntravelsites.com

I’m sure you have questions – that’s great! I love answering them and helping you in the decision-making process. 

I’m also really quick to respond ;) 

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