A Free Website To Promote Tourism in Your Small Town.

Yep. A FREE website designed to help bring tourists
(and their money!) to your small town's small businesses.

Most small towns already have a website.

It’s usually run by either a …

  • local chamber of commerce
  • or your town’s city council.

Do they inspire tourists to come and visit?

No. Not really. They’re meant for residents. They do nothing for tourists.

That’s why your small town needs a tourism-focused website that will inspire tourists to come and visit – and spend their dollars at your local small businesses!

A tourism-specific website encourages visitors to come & spend their money in your town.

Your small town needs a separate, tourism-focused website.
Here are some reasons why:

Local Business Support

Boost hometown businesses with online exposure and promotion.

Encourage Tourism

Inspire travelers to explore your small town's hidden treasures.


Elevate your town's presence, making it easy for tourists to find

Additional Benefits of a Tourism-Focused Website
  1. Promote Events and Festivals: Highlight exciting happenings to attract visitors year-round.
  2. Show Town Pride: Instill a sense of community and identity among residents.
  3. 24/7 Accessibility: Offer information and inspiration at any hour, at any time.
  4. Showcase Local Attractions: Display your town’s charm, from landmarks to local culture.

A FREE Tourism Website*

* Is it really free?
There are some restrictions and qualifications.
Let’s talk about them next.

The Qualifications for a Free Website

I love small towns!

I love tourism. I love working with small businesses. 

That’s why I want to promote small towns and help those local businesses thrive. 

The design of the website is indeed free. That’s what I give back to small towns. 

But in order to do so, each town needs to qualify in the following four (4) areas

Town Qualifications

Not too big. Not too small.
Does the town already have a tourism site?


Your town's tourism website needs a sponsor. This covers my expenses. The sponsor can be a chamber of commerce or a local business.


Designed on my state-of-the-art, tourism-focused template. Changes can be made at an add'l cost.


I'd love to take the photos! But since I don't live there, I need you to take about 30 photos using your phone. I'll even pay you $50 😉

Town Qualifications

Not every town is right for this project. It can’t be too big and it can’t be too small – but there is a lot of wiggle room in between.

The town can’t already have a dedicated tourism website. For example, if there’s already a www.visit-your-town.com then there’s no sense competing with it as it’s already driving tourism to your town.

Also, there needs to be at least four (4) things that would draw people to your town. These can range from:

  • A specialty, boutique store
  • A historical site
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Or ANY other type of attraction.

The bottom line is, just ask! Click the button below to fill out a simple form and ask me if a certain town would qualify for this free, small-town tourism website.

Website Sponsor

Each small-town website has a sponsor. This sponsor can be:

  • A chamber of commerce
  • The city itself
  • A local restaurant, hotel, or other business

The monthly sponsor cost covers the website’s hosting, annual domain registration, professional website plugin licenses, and other operating costs.

Learn more by visiting one of the following two pages:

Chamber of Commerce
Local Business

Design Template

Each site is designed with a personalized, state-of-the-art, template designed to entice and encourage tourists to visit your small town.

I provide all the research. I’ll learn about your small town (it’s what I love to do!) and create all the copy and content. Any corrections that need to be made can be done before the site goes live.

I can customize the website or add additional pages at an additional cost (at my hourly rate).

Town Photos

As much as I would LOVE to come out and take pictures (I’m an amateur photographer at heart too), I need your help in taking about 30+ pictures of your town.

Nothing professional. No fancy equipment needed. Your smartphone (Android or iPhone) works perfect! I have a page on my site that walks you through some of the details.

I need pictures of the downtown, Main Street, attractions, etc. Also, they can’t be seasonal – no holiday pics, no leafless trees, etc. I’ll even pay you a quick $50 for taking the pictures. 

Learn more by visiting the photography page of the website:

Your Web Designer & Small Town Advocate

I'm Cody, and I love small towns.

  • I grew up in a small town.
  • I currently live in a small town.
  • I vacation in small towns.

I enjoy taking my family to see the largest ball of twine, staying in a local motel, and experiencing what makes different towns in the United States unique.

How much do I love small towns?

  • I served on the board of directors for a small-town chamber of commerce.
  • I created over 40 tourism mobile apps for small towns across the United States.
  • I have designed over 85 (and counting!) websites for small businesses in Western Montana.

Where to Begin

Ask About Your Town

Do you have a town in mind?
Let's find out if your town qualifies.
Simply send me an email and let me know which city/state you're interested in having a tourism-focused website for.

People are searching online. Tourists are looking for information.

Don’t let them miss out on what makes your town special and unique.

Let’s show them why they need to come and visit – and spend their money.

It starts with a tourism-focused website for your small town.

Have a town in mind for a tourism-focused website?

Fill out the simple form below and let me know which town you’re interested in. 

I’ll make an assessment and let you know if it qualifies. 

Choose One of the Following Examples:

Sponsored by a
Chamber of Commerce
Sponsored by a
Local Business

Every great website starts with a conversation

You can also reach me by phone or email. You’ll need to leave a voicemail but I promise to get back to you REALLY soon. (406) 369-5884 or send an email to: cody@smalltowntravelsites.com

I’m sure you have questions – that’s great! I love answering them and helping you in the decision-making process. 

I’m also really quick to respond ;)