Drive Tourism, Fuel Business:
Sponsor Your Town's Tourism Website

Elevate your community while growing your business.
Discover how sponsoring your town's tourism website can spotlight your town and attract more visitors.

What's This All About?

You love your town, and so do I!

This page is your go-to guide for sponsoring a professional, tourism-focused website that can put your town on the map—literally.

Why Should You Care?
Tourism is the lifeblood of many small communities. It can mean the difference between “just getting by” and truly thriving. And who better to champion your local attractions than you? After all, your business profits from their visits.

Your Role, Should You Choose to Accept
As a local business owner, you’ve got the power to amplify what makes your town special. By sponsoring a tourism website, you’re not just boosting your business—you’re uplifting your entire community.

A tourism-specific website encourages visitors to come & spend their money in your town.

Your small town needs a tourism-focused website.
Here are some reasons why:

Local Business Support

Boost hometown businesses with online exposure and promotion.

Encourage Tourism

Inspire travelers to explore your small town's hidden treasures.


Elevate your town's presence, making it easy for tourists to find

Additional Benefits of a Tourism-Focused Website
  1. Promote Events and Festivals: Highlight exciting happenings to attract visitors year-round.
  2. Show Town Pride: Instill a sense of community and identity among residents.
  3. 24/7 Accessibility: Offer information and inspiration at any hour, at any time.
  4. Showcase Local Attractions: Display your town’s charm, from landmarks to local culture.

I sure enjoyed working with Cody on my website. His design came out exactly as I was hoping for. He was efficient, creative, and knowledgeable.

How It Works

What You & Your Town Get: Your small town gets a professional website to help promote your town and in turn, drive tourists and their dollars to your town and its businesses. 

Your Business Promoted: Your business is sponsored on the page. Visitors see you as the one promoting your town, complete with contact information and a link back to your website. 

Here’s how it comes together: 

Check Out the Website
If I’ve already created your town’s tourism-focused website, great! Look it over and then check at the bottom of the website to see if it’s already being sponsored. If it’s available and you want to sponsor the site, you can contact me to request a form to get started.

If there isn’t a tourism-focused website created yet, reach out to me as well and we’ll see if your small town qualifies.
Sign the Form
Sign the form that’s sent to you. We’ll then send you an invoice to get started with the monthly sponsorship.
Your Sponsorship on the Site
We put a nice advertisement of your business at the bottom of the page. It has your logo, contact information, and a link back to your website as well. It’s a win-win … visitors see the information they need about your town … plus you have the chance to win their business and see their tourism dollars in your register. Hooray!

Next, the site goes live ... and visitors flock to your town (and business!).

He is so fantastic to work with! With professional and quality designs that fit our needs. He was professional, articulate, and honest. From concept to the finished product. He gave us a great website.

Your Web Designer & Small Town Advocate

I'm Cody, and I love small towns.

  • I grew up in a small town.
  • I currently live in a small town.
  • I vacation in small towns.

I enjoy taking my family to see the largest ball of twine, staying in a local motel, and experiencing what makes different towns in the United States unique.

How much do I love small towns?

  • I served on the board of directors for a small-town chamber of commerce.
  • I created over 40 tourism mobile apps for small towns across the United States.
  • I have designed over 85 (and counting!) websites for small businesses in Western Montana.

He listened to what we wanted and had great insights into fresh, new ideas as well. His friendliness and easy-going manner on top of his knowledge of web design and marketing make it easy to recommend him to others.

Common Questions

Let me know! I’ll take care of any mistakes, outdated information, or inaccuracies free of charge.

Happy to do so. However, keep in mind that any changes to the site (aside from those mentioned above) are subject to my hourly design rate.

For sure! I do have a criteria that needs to be met. Just fill out the contact form and let me know which town you’d like to see a tourism website made for. If it meets the criteria, I’ll create a tourism-focused site for the town.

Well … yes, that is true. You can make a quick $50 one of two ways: 1) Submit photos for a small town or 2) Recommend a site sponsor. If they sign a contract and mention your name, there’s another $50!

An investment in tourism is an investment in your business and your community.

Do you want to see how beautiful and amazing a simple, small-town website can be?

Take a look and imagine YOUR attractions, your highlights showcased in a tourism-focused website.

Then reach out to me with any questions you have!

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Sponsored by a
Chamber of Commerce
Sponsored by a
Local Business

Every great website starts with a conversation

You can also reach me by phone or email. You’ll need to leave a voicemail but I promise to get back to you REALLY soon. (406) 369-5884 or send an email to:

I’m sure you have questions – that’s great! I love answering them and helping you in the decision-making process. 

I’m also really quick to respond ;)